Floods are bad. But embarkments only make matters worse

Environmentalists and developing

The government is yet to decide what stand to take on the international trade in recyclable waste as banning it completely will hit industry hard

When the executive fails, people seek redressal from courts. In some cases, the courts have merely put the seal of approval on the actions of citizens' pressure groups. In others, the remedies have only addressed the problems in part. The earth still bl

Mythology has named Yamuna after the sister of Yama, the Hindu God of death. With the presence of toxic pesticides and chemicals in the river, this nomenclature seems prophetic

Was the Supreme Court correct in saying that the former Union minister of environment and forests had betrayed public trust?

twelve years after the devastating Bhopal gas tragedy, the 600,000 people affected by it are the hapless victims of another human crime: callousness. Callousness perpetrated by their very own Indian

The struggle for the right to know intensifies in Rajasthan

The proposed hazardous waste management project again" brings to light the Indian government's tendency to prevent free flow of crucial data regarding any industrial project, especially those funded by external agencies

A recent report says highly unpredictable form of urban growth in the South is razing down traffic planning attempts