Dudhwa Tiger Reserve was in a bad shape and something needed to be done for it, if the tiger population had to be maintained, said noted enviornmentalist and Padamashree Ranjit Bhargava who claimed that there were not more than 40 striped cats left in Dudhwa.

He was in the city on Thursday to participate in a programme organised by INTACH and spoke to

Metal detectors used by Indian Army to detect mines would now be used in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve to detect snares used by poachers in catching tigers.

In order to check poaching of rare animals, officials of Dudhwa Tiger Reserve have procured advanced device to detect traps laid by poachers in the protected forest.

Bringing good news for wildlife enthusiasts concerned over dwindling big cat population in the country, at least 15 tiger cubs have been sighted in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve in Uttar Pradesh, officials said.

LUCKNOW: The tiger population at Dudhwa might be poised on the upper side this time. At least 17 tiger cubs, under one year in age, have been spotted in the reserve. "They all must have been born this season and spotted now," said sources.

LUCKNOW: The recent starvation deaths of leopards in UP could be the latest manifestation of deteriorating forest quality. A four-month-old leopard cub died in June this year while another cub, about a-year-and-a-half old, died on Tuesday while it was undergoing treatment at Lucknow zoo.

LUCKNOW/ BAHRAICH: With their habitat under two meters of water, survival poses a tough challenge to tiger and leopard cubs in Dudhwa Tiger Reserve of Uttar Pradesh. Flood situation in Bahraich and Pilibhit has worsened dramatically over the past three days after Nepal released over 5 lakh cusec of water into Sharda and Ghagra rivers last Tuesday.

With their area restricted to a 27-sq. km enclosure, their increasing number is pushing them to edge

Dudhwa (Uttar Pradesh): A fierce turf war is raging among rhinos in the Dudhwa National Park.

With the rhino population rising to 29 with the birth of another calf in mid-September, the fight over food and territory has become intense, say concerned forest officials.

LUCKNOW: Banke has his clan growing. The dusky old rhino, now 30 plus, has seen his fourth generation set in. When his female partner Rajeshwari gave birth to a calf on Friday (September 11), a new hope dawned for the rhinos in Dudhwa.

Katarniyaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, a unit of the Dudhwa Tiger reserve, remains the safest haven for the wildlife in the state. While the last census carried out by Project Tiger gave an estimated count of 110 big cats in the entire Dudhwa National Park, the state census in 2005 put the figure for Katarniyaghat alone at 58.