Dudhwa National park have for the first time adopted the zero tolerance approach for the wildlife crimes in a bid to check Wildlife crime.

Dudhwa tiger reserve is not just home to tigers but other endangered species as well.

LUCKNOW: The roar of the tiger is getting louder at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, with the recent census revealing a rise in tiger population by eight to 10 % in its core area.

Tiger count at Kishenpur might be up from the 2011 tiger census.

In a move that would bolster tiger conservation in the country, the UP government has approved plans of a tiger reserve in Pilibhit, the third in the state after Dudhwa and Amangarh.

Tiger count at Kishenpur might be up from the last census conducted in 2011.

Analysis of camera trappings suggest an increase in the number of tigers in 204 sq km of the sanctuary that forms dudhwa's core zone. Sensor-enabled cameras were installed at 65 locations of the sanctuary to click tigers.

Canine distemper virus, common in dogs and deadly to other carnivores, has killed at least four tigers in past year

The country lost 63 tigers in 2013 with Karnataka alone losing 16 big cats.

Dudhwa reserve is gearing up for the tiger census amid hope that it will throw up an increased count of the royal animal.

Human-animal conflict is on the rise in areas adjoining wildlife sanctuaries.