Aug. 22: The state roads and buildings minister, Mrs Galla Aruna Kumari, said that proposals had been made for projects worth Rs 3,560 crore, extending to over 712 projects for the state. The Central governm-ent too has given a positive picture, stating that the State of Accruals were in proper shape due to which a sub-meeting would be soon organised.

Rajahmundry , Aug. 11: Though some farmers cultivating fields located on either side of the Godavari river along its course suffered inundation of crops due to the floods, in reality it is a boon in disguise as the receding waters are leaving huge deposits of silt which help farmers reap bumper harvests in the next couple of years in both East and West Godavari districts.

Kakinada, Aug. 10: Six persons including two children died, about 70,000 people were affected, and 4,411 houses and nearly 10,000 hectares of crops were fully damaged due to the recent floods that battered East Godavari district for the last few days, officials declared.

Flood waters submerged hundreds of villages of 19 mandals and 64 islands across the river banks.

As many as 10 people have died following floods in the Godavari in the past three days even as water level in the river continued to rise alarmingly, severely affecting normal life in nine districts, particularly Khammam and East Godavari districts, officials said on Sunday.

July 31: The East Godavari district with a total population of 55 lakh is spread over 60 mandals, out of which seven are in Agency area, and the rest are upland and plain areas. Of this area, as much as 7 lakh acres of land is under cultivation.

Rajahmundry, July 26: The production of biogas from cattle dung will get top priority as an alternative cooking fuel in the non-conventional process in East Godavari.

Hyderabad, July 13: Till a few years ago, electricity generation projects used to be set up close to where coal was available. They were called pit-head stations. But with increasing water shortage, power projects across the country are moving towards coastal areas thanks to new technology that desalinates water.

June 24: Small and marginal farmers from SC and ST communities are going to raise horticulture crops, mainly cashew nut on assigned lands over about 4,000 acres, 1,000 acres in agency areas, under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NR-EGS) in East Godavari.

Kakinada, June 16: Thousands of fisherfolk in East Godavari are worried over government