Kakinada, March 2: Some farmers in East Godavari district who have raised black gram as an alternative crop in the rabi season, demanded that government immediately provide compensation packages to their crops, as nearly 40 per cent of the black gram crop was completely damaged due to a virus called Yellow Mosaic.

Rajahmundry, March 1: Tuberculosis (TB) shows a marginal decline in East Godavari, following intense health care for patients to avoid recurrence, and increased awareness among people to opt for medical intervention soon after finding symptoms of the infection.

Recent evidence from India suggests that rearing indigenous poultry rather than focusing on commercial breeds that give a higher yield can significantly contribute to the self-sufficiency and cultural wealth of rural communities

Infested:A file picture of a black gram plant infected with yellow mosaic virus.

The Andhra Pradesh Government has ordered a study to assess the damage caused to blackgram crop by the yellow mosaic virus in East and West Godavari districts.

RAJAHMUNDRY, Feb. 9: Displaced people in the Kakinada special economic zone (KSEZ) in both Uppada-Kothapalli and Tondangi mandals of East Godavari seek implementation of the rehabilitation package. In total, 9,800 acres, mostly agricultural land, was set to be acquired in both mandals in the district.

This is in addition to the evacuation of 1,100 families in U-Kothapalli mandal.

Kakinada, Jan. 31: The East Godavari district officials of Employemet Gurantee scheme are busy identifying habitations for providing works under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) and selecting the interested labourers (beneficiaries) who want to work under the scheme for 100 days. However, in some mandals, the works had already got started.

RAJAHMUNDRY, Jan. 31: The supply of potable water during summer season was given top priority in East Godavari district.

Dec. 3: Forest authorities are going to monitor tigers, their co-predators, prey and their habitats in the forests spread over the Godavari districts of Rajahmundry circle as part of a national exercise scheduled to be taken up under the supervision of the Wildlife Institute of India from January 20 to 31.

Kakinada, Nov. 22: The state government has finally decided to supply Godavari water to 2.25 lakh acres in the Godavari districts for the second paddy crop in the rabi season.

While East Godavari

Bhimavaram, Nov. 20: The Andhra Pradesh Rythu Sangham demanded that the government work out alternate sources to ensure water supply to raise crops for the rabi season in both the Godavari districts.