The quantitative analysis of agricultural production systems has become an important step in the formulation of agricultural policy. A number of empirical studies have attempted to investigate producer responsiveness to product and input price changes, to estimate economics of scale, to assess the relative efficiency, and to measure the impact of technological change.

Rajahmundry, Sept. 19: The Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education has taken up a study to find out the rate of absorption of carbon by forest soils of the country.

Ibrahim Hafeezur Rehman

Emphasis on promotion of biofuels can be useful for solving rural energy problems.

Visakhapatnam, Sept. 7: An expert study has revealed that groundwater in the coastal areas of the state is slowly turning salty. Unless urgent remedial action is taken, the farmers of the area would face crop failure and attendant financial crisis. The hydro geochemistry study was conducted by a group from the environmental science department of the Gitam University.

Rajahmundry, Sept. 5: In an effort to ensure coverage of all children in the age group of zero to five years in the pulse polio immunisation drive, health authorities are targeting high risk areas where the children often left uncovered in the immunisation drive to administer the vaccine in East Godavari.

Hyderabad, July 23: It will be a double bonanza for farmers and their children. While irrigation projects under the Jalayagnam banner will help the farmers to draw water, the state tourism department's initiative to develop tourism centres at the irrigation project sites will help the wards of the farmers earn a livelihood.

All the irrigation projects would be developed as regional centres of tourist attraction by creating modern entertainment amenities. Of 72 irrigation projects that are under construction in different districts, 34 projects have been identified as tourism centres.

Rajahmundry, July 16: In an attempt to tap the increasing tourism potential, forest authorities came up with plans to promote tourism in the Coringa wild-life sanctuary in East Godavari district from August. The authorities prepared plans to press into service two diesel-run 20-seater boats acquired at a cost of Rs 3 lakh each.

Rajahmundry, July 8: In a major shift, upland farmers find it more remunerative to rear a special breed of cows which gives more milk instead of farming in East Godavari. Farmers from upland areas always find it difficult to raise crops as their sources of irrigation are mainly borewells and rainfall.

Rajahmundry, June 29: The loan waiver announced by the Central government will benefit 2.76 lakh farmers to the tune of Rs 540 crore in East Godavari district. Details of the waiver were announced by the district agriculture department at a review meet organised on Sunday at the local roads and buildings guest house.

THE lush green hill tracts of the Eastern Ghats may soon be blighted by smoke belched out by two bauxite units, each worth Rs 4,000 crore. While one refinery unit with a capacity of 1.4 million tonnes per annum is being set up by JSW Alumina Limited at Boddavara village bordering Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam districts, the other, almost with the same capacity, is being established by the Dubai-based Ras al Khaima at Ramannapalem and Rachapalli villages in Makavarapalem mandal in Visakhapatnam district.