Zambia's forest ecosystems contribute $1.3 billion, roughly 6.3 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), to the national economy, further highlighting the crucial role forests can play in the glob

Fancy falling for the allure of the dark and deep woods by going for a holiday there?

How often do people visit the world’s protected areas (PAs)? Despite PAs covering one-eighth of the land and being a major focus of nature-based recreation and tourism, we don’t know. To address this, we compiled a globally-representative database of visits to PAs and built region-specific models predicting visit rates from PA size, local population size, remoteness, natural attractiveness, and national income.

Within a fortnight of Principal Secretary (Tourism) Ajit Ranjan Bardhan announcing that Rs 185 crore will be invested by both state and private players to boost the tourism potential of Sunderbans,

In an attempt to bring people closer to forests in Uttarakhand, the Harish Rawat government in last one year did try to involve them in environment conservation with its Chief Minister’s flagship H

The state government has informed Gujarat high court that the proposed new eco-tourism zone on the coastal region in Amreli district, in the outskirt of Gir sanctuary in the last abode of Asiatic l

With major reservoirs of the State facing serious siltation which shrinks the water storage capacity, the Odisha Government is preparing comprehensive management plans to address the critical issue

Congress party has urged the State Environment and Forest Minister Alina Saldanha to revoke all green clearances granted to the Rs 5 billion golf course and eco-tourism resort of Leading Hotels Ltd

Grootbos Nature Reserve, near the Garden Route has earned international recognition for championing sustainable tourism efforts.

In a first, environmental experts, state government and NGOs will unite for a common cause to protecting wildlife and its habitat in the state.