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Beijing plans to follow the example of 27 other Chinese cities in releasing urban air quality reports for the general public, director of the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA)

Farmers in eastern parts of Sichuan province have begun to reap guaranteed agricultural harvests thanks to consistent tree-planting efforts. The area now has a water conservation capacity of 28

The Environmental Protection Agency and eight Northeastern states have reached a compromise schedule for requiring electric power plants in the Midwest to cut down on smog-causing emissions that

Under pressure from the General Electric Company and a powerful upstate congressman, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has decided to slow down completion of an important study of PCB

As the adverse effects of industrial pollution and the stress of urban life take a heavy toll of human lives, medical toxicology - the science of curing the human body from the toxic effects of

A section of the flood-prone Vanapa River in Central province of Papua New Guinea is being diverted to prevent it from bursting its banks at will during floods, posing a threat to nearby villagers.

The Environment and Conservation Office of Papua New Guinea will commission a study to monitor discharge of sewage by Eda Ranu into the sea. Director Dr. Iamo Wari said the study will aim for a

The winter's fierest El Nino driven storm dumped a long night of torrential rain on California, churning up swollen rivers, washing out highways and unleashing mudslides that destroyed many houses

El Nino, that abnormal weather phenomenon which has brought about unusually pleasant winter days of late, has also created an early spring in Korea. Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA)

Hundreds of villagers have been rendered homeless in the Bolan district of Pakistan as flash flood in Nari river inundated the Pahore village in Tehsil Bhag, official sources said. A large number of