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Chartered accounts have been asked to gear up to perform environmental audit of industrial units. According to the Union Minister for Environment and Forests, Mr. Suresh Prabhu, there is additional

Delhi Lt Governor Vijai Kapoor's recent statement that "pollution in Delhi is a very overstated problem," has evoked severe criticism from a number of environmentalists , artists, academicians,

A donor assisted action plan involving Tk 21 crore was launched for building effective infrastructure for combating disasters at union, thana and district levels. The government will implement the

The adage "what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow" perhaps, stands true when it comes to matters green. The once "dying city" which attracted praise as well as criticism on environment

Industry has hailed the Haryana Government's decision to dissolve the Haryana State Pollution Control Board (HSPCB) and instead appointing the Industry Commissioner, Mr M L Tayal, as its

Lead and zinc recycling plants around the country have begun closing down following an inordinate delay in the environment ministry's decision on import of batteries and zinc ash. Tirupati Chemicals

A fertiliser factory in Nakhon Luang has been ordered to solve noise, smell and dust pollution as well as waste water discharge after 400 students and residents living in the neighbourhood

Australia's green movement has united to condemn the Federal Government's new environmental laws, calling on the minor parties and independents in the Senate to oppose the legislation. In a rare

The World Health Organisation has ranked Delhi as the fourth most polluted city in terms of suspended particulate matter, minister of state for environment and forests Babu Lal Marandi told the Rajya

The dwindling forest cover of Matheran, a hill resort which is about 131 km from Mumbai by train, is making news in advertising circles abroad. A rather stark calendar for the year 1998 designed by