A total of 5.28 lakh children have been suffering from night blindness in the country mainly due to ignorance in taking vitamin-A enriched food including fruits and vegetables. Medical Adviser to the 9th Infantry Division GOC Col M Sirajul Karim said this yesterday at the inauguration of an advocacy programme on school health for the area which is under the jurisdiction of the 9th Division.

daily commuting in metros can harm your eyes. Research by the Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, the Venu Eye Institute and Research Center and the Dr Rajendra Prasad Center

Health hazards due to complex problems of air pollution in metropolitan cities are very well-recognized. Vehicular emissions are one of the main sources of air pollution. Rising income and increasing necessity for personal mobility and inadequate availability of mass transportation facility has resulted in a rapid increase in automobile ownership and its utilization in Delhi.

cigarette smoke has been linked to a higher rate of cataract but a new study says that even those who chew tobacco are at risk. Chewing tobacco is common in India, where cataract accounts for 44 per

• On the lines of the Madhya Pradesh government's Gyandoot programme, Himachal Pradesh has launched a similar programme in Hamirpur district of the state. Under the programme, 25 information

K N Narayana Pillai, 75, is an ordinary citizen who has been suffering because of pollution from an industrial unit operating beside his house. He has been running from pillar to post for justice for the past two years but to no avail. He also wrote to An

One drink of beer a day can prevent cataracts. Scientists in Canada carried out tests on rat lenses and found that antioxidants, like those in beers, protected cells in the eye which, if damaged,

A technique used by astronomers is being used to produce better contact lenses

there is hope in sight for the blind. For the first time in medical history lab-grown corneas have been developed by us scientists. The lab variety resemble the real ones in every

One defective eye can spoil the other. Early detection and treatment helps