Glaucoma is an eye disease resulting in the loss of eyesight due to fluid accumulation inside the eyeball which in turn builds-up pressure over the optic nerve, eventually leading to blindness.

SUSPECT diabetes? Get your eyes checked! A US company has developed a technique that uses eyes as a mirror for quickly and painlessly detecting diabetes, instead of the standard blood test for a

A warning against indiscriminate selling and buying in a new fad: herbal drugs

phosphorous pentoxide: Severe eye and skin injury and chemical burns to the respiratory track, if inhaled

aromatic alcohol (also known as phenol): It's a poisonous chemical that is corrosive in nature and readily seeps through the skin and causes burns

vinyl alcohol and magnesium hydroxide: Cause eye irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea

thanks to a British optician, even colour-blind people can now see red. Literally. David Harris, a uk -based medi

In a breakthrough in Alzheimer's disease research, American doctors have converted a simple eye test into a powerful diagnostic instrument for the disease (Science, Vol 266, No 5187). A research

The oxidising property of cigarette and chulha smoke is one of the factors being linked by researchers to the formation of eye cataract.