GENERAL Motors may use its Chinese associations to launch a rival for Tata Nano in India, a top company executive told ET.

Nasa and General Motors announced that they plan to send a robot to the International Space Station, with the eventual goal of having it help out the astronauts there.

With new emission norms kicking in from April 1, car companies have once again increased prices, by one to three per cent across models, to offset the increase in cost of upgrading vehicle engines. This is the third rise in car prices since January.

The emission norms have risen from BS-III to BS-IV in 13 cities and from BS-II to BS-III in the rest of the country.


In the EN-V we are really showing a new concept, for not just electrified vehicles but a reinvented vehicle experience for mega cities.

Co To Roll Out Compacts, Drive In All Models

ALAN Mulally, the 64-yearold messianic chief executive of Ford Motor Co, aims to realise in India the dream of his company

Major auto companies, including Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra & Mahindra and General Motors, today reported record sales for January, signalling that the worst is behind for the industry that was battered by the global economic meltdown.


General Motors Co said on Tuesday that it will set up a $246 million facility backed by funding from the U.S. government to build electric motors to power future hybrids and possibly pure electric vehicles.

General Motors Corp is back in the electric motor business. The automaker said Tuesday that starting in 2013, it plans to build its own electric motors for hybrid and electric vehicles. GM has been getting electric motors for those vehicles from suppliers, but wants to make the motors in-house in order to lower costs and improve quality and reliability.

LIKE Lee Iacocca at Chrysler, Edward E. Whitacre Jr. thinks the best way to lure consumers back to a bailed-out automaker is to pay back the loans from American taxpayers.

The Delhi auto expo has showcased India