A new company, the Gomti Riverfront Development Co (GRDCo), has been formed for development and maintenance of the river.

A proposal to this effect was cleared by the Lucknow Development Authority's Board along with 18 others in its meeting held here on Thursday.

The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) on Monday sent a team to collect river water from Gomti barrage to find out its dissolved oxygen level.

The step was taken after largescale death of fish was reported recently in the water stretch.

LUCKNOW: The UP Project Development Corporation (UPPDC) has been entrusted with the task of taking care of the Gomti. It was decided on Monday that the agency would be carrying out the dredging operations in the river, the cost of which would be borne by Lucknow Development Authority (LDA), UP Housing and Development Board (UPHDB) and irrigation department jointly.

Alarming Reduction In Water Level Of The River Around Barrage
Lucknow: One needs nothing more than a pair of naked eyes to see it happening. Beyond the barrage, the river Gomti is gasping for life. It has virtually dried up with a huge dry tract visible in the middle. The river meanders around this tract

Gomti No More A

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Receding Gomti

LUCKNOW,Aug. 29: After Bihar, Uttar Pradesh is preparing to face the fury of floods. Almost all the major rivers in the state, including Gomti, Sharda and Kuwano are in spate following torrential rains over the past several days. According to official sources, some of the rivers have crossed the danger mark on Thursday night.

The Gomti river was flowing 0.74 metres above the danger mark in Sultanpur district, while in Lucknow, the river is just 0.30 metres below the danger mark.

It is an innocuous practice in offices in Uttar Pradesh to order tea from the nearest roadside dhaba. What is not so innocuous is how the tea is carried to these offices

A study was conducted to estimate the rate of solid and dissolved mass denudation from six prominent landuse systems of Bhetagad micro watershed, Gomti basin of Indian Central Himalaya. An investigation was also conducted to assess the seasonal variation in water quality parameters influenced by rainwater in the four sub-catchments of Gomti basin.