Uttar Pradesh will set up a special Tiger Protection Force to combat the poaching of tigers and smuggling of their organs.

On paper, any district would be envious of Sonbhadra, the district which has footprints of all of the world's five economic powerhouses.

The current focus is on the dwindling tiger population but here's another big cat that is coming under the gun, literally. The hill state of Uttarakhand, once a safe haven for wildlife, has lost an incredible 535 leopards in the past decade, turning it into a graveyard for the graceful animals. In the last six months, 45 leopards have been killed, and these are only the official figures.

After being lambasted for mindless spending over "dream projects" full of statues, Mayawati has decided to change her outlook on expense. The chief minister has already spent over Rs 2,600 crore on building memorials and parks and named them after Dalit icons, herself included.

Ganga clean-up

The mysterious deaths of 14 deer in Kanpur's Allen Forests Zoo on September 12 was lost in Mayawati's latest statue-and-park drive. Even a missive from Union Minister for Forests and Environment Jairam Ramesh failed to evoke a response from the chief minister's office.

The infamous Chambal Valley, the erstwhile paradise for dacoits, is gearing up for a makeover. Its barren landscape with deep gorges and ravines will soon see wind energy plants and its earth will be used for biofuel.

The Chambals will get a makeover

It is an innocuous practice in offices in Uttar Pradesh to order tea from the nearest roadside dhaba. What is not so innocuous is how the tea is carried to these offices

An escalating human-tusker conflict has forced the state Government to urgently re-work its elephant corridor project


Kansrau-Barkot Corridor: 2.5 x 2 km. Will connect Dehradun forest division and Rajaji National Park.

Every year in from April to July, over one lakh visitors trek 20 km along the Ganga to reach at 14,000 feet above sea level, the Gomukh glacier, the source of one of India's mightiest rivers.