New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday stuck to its order of maintaining status quo on a stretch of land along river Gomti, in Lucknow, which was converted from green belt in the Master Plan 2021 to residential use.

LUCKNOW: The Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court on Friday restrained the state authorities from proceeding further with the construction of any permanent structure within 100 metres of the Gomti riverbed.

The year 2010 has brought new hope for the Gomti river, the lifeline of Lucknow. The river, which is a major source of drinking water for over 32 lakh people, is polluted the most in its 14-km stretch in the state capital, owing to millions of litres of untreated domestic waste that is released in it daily. In the next few months, things will change for the better.

LUCKNOW: It would take more than just installing a sewage treatment plant (STP) to infuse a fresh lease of life into the dying Gomti. At least, in the opinion of Magsasay award winner, Rajendra Singh, popularly known as `water man of India'.

LUCKNOW: Fish once again swam to the surface in a desperate attempt to get air, near Kudiaghat, as levels of dissolved oxygen in the particular
stretch of river plunged drastically sending officials of UP Pollution Control

All owners dead except one after a trial lasting 25 years, a special court in Lucknow convicted the owners of a tannery for polluting river water. On June 2, the court sentenced the owners of East India Leather Company to six months

LUCKNOW: A clean Gomti, one of the important poll planks of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in the general elections, has once again been battered to the background as tons of municipal solid waste gets dumped on the flood plain area of the river. The dumping, officials said, was being done to level up a section of land proposed to be converted into a park near Gandhi Setu close to Ambedkar Udyan.

Lucknow: On the occasion of the Earth Day, a seminar on

LUCKNOW: Could NBRI be dumping radioactive waste in Gomti directly through its sewage system? Knowing that radioactive material can induce cancer, birth defects and infertility in humans directly exposed to it, releasing it in Gomti is a huge big ecological disaster.

A new company, the Gomti Riverfront Development Co (GRDCo), has been formed for development and maintenance of the river.

A proposal to this effect was cleared by the Lucknow Development Authority's Board along with 18 others in its meeting held here on Thursday.