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Just as environmentalists and the authorities thought they had finally Written the epitaph for miners in the Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR), its spectre Has come back to haunt them. According to

Indian industrialists will now have few excuses for not undertaking Pollution control measures: the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) has offered Rs 150 crore as

SMALL farmers who cannot afford expensive rat-poisons now have a cheap, natural alternative: A fastgrowing tropical tree, Ghricidia sepium, whose leaves when fermented act as a potent

THE DAYS of the European corn borer, a notorious maize pest found in North America and Europe, seem numbered now that researchers have been able to inject into susceptible crops a gene

A NEW COMPUTER voice synthesiser for people with speech disorders uses a rapid text facility that enables the users to conduct a near normal conversation and, more crucially, to alter. its

Scientists are exploring various approaches to fight the deadliest cancer afflicting US women.

The oil pipeline burst at Bombay High exposes maintenance lapses and highlights the urgent need for environment management plans to tackle such mishaps.

Scientists in Arizona say the latest satellite images from Venus indicate very little volcanic activity has taken place on the planet after a massive eruption 500 million years ago.

The Planning Commission is embarking on a new approach to agriculture planning. But state governments and the finance ministry are reluctant to invest in "untried" concepts.

• Plan priorities ACRP assumes that once land and water resources are developed, the desired levels of yield and productivity will be achieved. Soil conservation and reclamation, irrigation