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Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Testing in Maryland, USA, have developed an instrument that can detect gases present in infinitesimal amounts (Environmental Science &

Irving Weissman and Fang Qian of California's Stanford University have discovered a protein that mimics the adhesive action of Velcro fasteners, a trait that could help in preventing cancer cells

Indian industries have created a forum where technological research organisations can come face to face with the world of commerce

The leaves of groundnut plants are ideal forage for cattle

Smaller version of mammoths may have inhabited Egypt long after they were thought to have become extinct

A financially squeezed NASA has been forced to look for cheaper ways to explore the solar system

BEAVERS, known for their ingenuity at damming small streams using branches, are unwittingly contributing to global warming (New Scientist, Vol 142, No 1931). Beaver ponds flood low-lying areas

STRANGE as it may sound, research projects aimed at saving small populations of endangered species may have actually helped sign their death sentences. This possibility is being seriously examined by

A STUDY carried out by a team of researchers in Belgium has found a significant relationship between renal disorders and cadmium pollution (The Lancet, Vol 343, No 8912). The study was carried out

The Refuse Incineration-cum-Power Generation Plant in Delhi is up for grabs. In 1987, the ministry of non-conventional energy sources (MNES) commissioned the plant, which was bought from the