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The Supreme Court decision to direct state governments to arm forest guards draws flak

A division bench of the Supreme Court issued notices to about 8,712 industries in 28 industrial areas of Delhi which have not set up common effluent treatment plants. They now face the threat of

cola giant , Pepsi, has been accused

Industry and people s rights organisations in India are at loggerheads over the shaping of the biodiversity bill and amendments to the existing patent act

The Union government has issued notices to over 2,000 polluting units

scientists at the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology ( iicb ), Calcutta have developed kits that use radioactive tracer drugs to assess functioning of vital organs such as the heart,

Officials in Nepal and India have expressed concern over the trans-boun-dary migration of wild animals. They say the movement of animals is posing a serious threat to the life and property of the

TETU LAKDA (Nothatodytes Foetida) a tree found in the rain forests of south India and Sri Lanka is facing a threat from international traders because of its medicinal properties. The extract of

The wood market today needs to be organised in a way that millions of wood farmers can meet the country s growing wood needs

Government agencies had sponsored the study but were not interested in the results