A report compiled by the Delhi Forum, a Delhi-based non-governmental organisation, on Koel Karo killings of February 2, 2001, has alleged that the police fired at unarmed protestors without any

Six protesters are killed

• According to a recent study by the Pune-based National AIDS Research Institute, measures to control the malady have proved futile in India. The report states 10.2 per cent of those who tested

Tribals have been fighting the Koel Karo dams for the last 20 years the longest struggle against a project. Now, a fresh budget fuels the controversy further

Ethnic conflicts have dogged India since independence. The problem has attracted a lot of scholarship. Amarjyoti Borah talks to two eminent academics who have looked at the problem. Ram Dayal Munda,

The centrality of the Northeast to India's ambitious national electrification plan cannot be overstated, since the region will be required to generate about 60 per cent of the total power produced through some 45 mega hydroelectricity projects. In the pro