In an effort to salvage “public confidence” in the much delayed Kundli-Manesar-Palwal (KMP) Expressway project, the constructing company will open a small, ready stretch for traffic to try out this

A number of dimensions and resources need to be converged for preparing a roadmap to sustainability. The most critical among these are technical know-how, human capital and financial resources. This document is an effort towards presenting a basic framework for the mobilization of these resources and dimensions. The document has been structured into various themes that need to be interwoven for a framework of sustainability in the drinking water sector.

The Haribad minor irrigation project in Madhya Pradesh is to be built on the boundary of the two villages of Haribad and Sakad on the Kundi river. The project will largely benefit Haribad, while the tribal people of Sakad will lose their land. This is a brief account of the multiple conflicts that have arisen.