LAHORE – The toll from the deadly dengue reached in the City to 366 as the virus killed one more patient on Sunday.

Another four people have lost their lives due to dengue in Punjab including two in Lahore raising the death toll to 290 in Punjab and 253 in Lahore.

Another five more people died of dengue virus in various hospitals on Wednesday, raising the death toll to 252 in Punjab and 224 in Lahore.

Eight more people lost their lives due to dengue fever in the city on Tuesday, taking the death toll to 274.

Dengue continues attacking civilians and claiming lives, killing seven more, including five women, on Monday, while taking the death toll to 265.

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to vacate a stay of Lahore High Court (LHC) which has suspended certain clauses of the new Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG Production and Distribution) Policy 2011.

Dengue claimed eight more lives on Monday in Lahore, taking the death toll to 223 in the city.

LAHORE/PESHAWAR: At least 12 more people, including five women, died of dengue fever across the country on Sunday.

Dengue fever is spreading in Lahore with each passing day with six more dead due to the disease on Thursday.

Despite measures taken by the Punjab government, deaths on account of dengue virus continue, as nine more people including member Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) reportedly died in the prov