RAWALPINDI: Smoke emitting from small factories and commercial units in several areas of Rawalpindi city has not only been causing environmental pollution but has also been contributing to fatal di

Islamabad—Despite a large number of water filtration plants installed at various points, water quality in the twin cities remains a big issue.

RAWALPINDI: As blazing hot weather persists, many suburban areas in Rawalpindi have been facing acute water shortage, forcing residents to buy the commodity from tanker suppliers at exorbitant cost

Most of the multi storey buildings in Rawalpindi are not designed according to buildings code, and may collapse if city was to be hit by a severe earthquake in future.

Rawal Dam water, which is being supplied to citizens of Rawalpindi, is being polluted by sewerage and other pollutants of twenty five residential colonies around the dam and its tributaries.

Federal Minister for Climate Change, Senator Mushahidullah Khan, has warned that Pakistan's disease burden and its overall impact on socio-economic development gains made in recent years will furth

RAWALPINDI: The Environmental Protection Agency-Punjab (Punjab-EPA) has approved the 720 megawatt (MW) Karot Hydropower Project worth $1.4 billion.

ISLAMABAD/RAWALPINDI: Capital Development Authority (CDA) will be planting more than 300,000 ornamental, fruit trees and saplings during spring tree plantation campaign.

RAWALPINDI: Punjab Environment Protection Agency (Punjab-EPA) has asked Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa), Rawalpindi Municipal Waste Company and six town municipal administrations in the district

Another seventeen dengue patients have been confirmed in Rawalpindi on Wednesday, increasing the toll of affected patients to 196 in Punjab this year.