The federal government has blacklisted a suspected wildlife trafficker, while a case has also been registered against the firm for illegally bringing four rare white tigers into the country, it has been learnt here reliably.

The just out Economic Survey of Pakistan notes that although air quality in many of our cities is bad, studies conducted in Lahore and Karachi show that carbon monoxide, cadmium and lead levels in these cities far exceed the internationally accepted threshold limits. An estimated 60 to 70 percent pollution in our cities is caused by vehicular emissions.

Despite the Supreme Court

The controversy surrounding irregularities in the import of four white tigers continues and it has now emerged that the federal government has issued a No-Objection Certificate for the import of the two tigers which is being used by the Lahore zoo well after the actual import took place.

Two children died in Upper Kurram Agency because of shortage of medicines on Wednesday, increasing the number of such deaths to 43 in three weeks, a private TV channel reported.

Heads have finally begun to roll in the Lahore Zoo

National Task Force consisting of the representatives of the relevant sectors will be set up on control of Asthma while a joint action plan would be drawn up for control of Asthma through a participatory process.

Speaking at a seminar in Lahore the other day on "Challenges and started to experience food shortages. And experts say food scarcity is only going to get worse the world over in not-too-distant a future. Knowing that land is a finite resource, we must adopt timely measures to ensure our future food security.

The WorldWide Funds for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-P) has expressed its grave concerns over illegal import of White tigers and conversion of the green areas in Karachi into industrial areas. According to an official here on Thursday, a meeting of WWF-P Board was held on April 18 at the Qarshi Industries, Hattar.

The Punjab Water Council (PWC) in an emergency meeting here on Thursday strongly opposed the recent moves for changes in the existing distribution system of water and said that 1991 Water Accord for distribution of water among the four provinces is linked with the construction Kala Bagh dam. "If there is no Kalabagh dam, then we should forget about the 1991 Water Accord."