Electricity loadshedding and deficient water supply made it difficult for the people in the city to spend the weekly holiday in hot weather. Staying indoors in the absence of power or going out in the blazing sun was like living in hell. The wind was too hot to be braved, making the city streets deserted for almost the entire day. However, locals visited parks and open places in the evening to have a relief. Youngsters found some respite by flocking to the city canal without caring how much its water was polluted.

The government on Thursday expressed inability to control a deepening supply-and-price crisis of wheat in one go and told the National Assembly it would adopt a phased approach to deal with the catastrophe triggering civil unrest now.

Ata-Ul-Haq is CEO of Green Technology Environmental Corporation, which set up Pakistan's first mega composting plant in Lahore in 2006. He tells Arnab Pratim Dutta that the model adopted for the

Pakistan's Lahore High Court has constituted a six-member commission to recommend measures to control the growing vehicular pollution. Authorised to investigate, collect evidence and examine

Fluoride contaminated cripples many in villages near Lahore

NGOs mobilise support to provide redress to victims of a chlorine gas leak in Lahore

Little has been done about the January 8 Lahore gas leak disaster which had claimed 30 lives and affected thousands. In want of any evaluation of the area by the authorities, deaths kept occurring

First-ever state of-the-art wastage to energy power plant will be set up at Rachna industrial park on Lahore Sheikhupura Road. The park will have its own 5 to 25 megawatt power plant, which would produce energy from waste for the industries.

President Asif Ali Zardari has urged the textile industry to generate electricity through small power projects (SPPs) to save the industry from a total collapse due to ongoing loadshedding.

Senior Political Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Pervez Malik has called for taking measures on war footing basis to check rapidly increasing environmental pollution, as environmental issues may hamper the country's economy.