known for its lion safaris, the Bannerghatta National Park in Karnataka will now be home to 100 lions and tigers. They will be acquired from circuses. This follows the Supreme Court ban on the

asiatic lions in the Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat will be shifted to the Kuno Palpur Sanctuary in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh to prevent their extinction. The shrinkage in forest cover and the

The lions of Serengeti National Park in anzania must be cured of canine distemper. Veterinarians working with the Institute of Zoology in London and the various national parks in the

Jan-Feb 1995 •Preparation for relocation and rehabilitation of the local people from proposed national park area in Kuno with their consent. •Translocation of captured nilgai, sambar

The concern over protecting the Asiatic lion relegated forestdwellers to secondary status in Gir

The introduction of the lion to the Kuno forests has been meticulously planned

A zoo in Gujarat has provided yeoman service in preserving the Asiatic lion

The Maldharis of the Gir national park face eviction because their "unsustainable" economy if threatening the Asiatic lion