LUCKNOW: It may not have been able to solve the power crisis this year, the UP Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) has painted a rosy picture for the next year.

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The PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry favours strict monitoring of infrastructure, energy and industry projects to give momentum to the growth of Indian economy for overcoming the adverse impact of slowdown.

It may be mentioned here that various projects involving a record outlay of Rs 2,49,362.95 crore in the Union Budget are to be taken up in the April-June 2009 fiscal quarter.

For a city that boasts of a 24-hour power supply, of course only on papers, Lucknow sure has a long way to go. Frequent power cuts, faults that remain unattended for several hours at a stretch and transformers burning at the drop of a hat. One just hopes the forthcoming franchisee system make things better. Pankaj Shah reports...

Government claims that its endeavours would make UP a power surplus state from one hit by chronic shortage by 2012, but industry says that there are many a slip between the cup and the lip, hence don

Lucknow: As if shortage of power was not enough, Lucknowites are in for yet another shock. The Lucknow Electricity Supply Administration (LESA) is having its stock of transformers exhausted, in what may further escalate the worries of denizens in the event of technical snags which have been haunting the city for the past many days.

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Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government's

More power will mean more pollution, say participants at a recently held seminar in Lucknow