ANGUL: Power generation at the 3000-MW NTPC power plant at Kaniha has been hit due to coal crisis even as Mahanadi Coalfields Limited claimed to have supplied 99 per cent of coal demand of the plant in the current month.

The power plant, second biggest in India, provides power to 17 states, including four southern states.

ANGUL: After Nalco decided to import coal to bridge the shortfall, the depeeneing coal crisis led to shutdown of a 120 MW unit at its power plant here. Aluminium production at the smelter has also been curtailed due to the precipitating crisis.

Nagpur: The power generation of Maharashtra State Electricity Generation Company (Mahagenco) is likely to suffer this week as coal supply to its Koradi and Khaperkheda plants would be interrupted due to the mega rail block between Bhilai and Bilaspur, official sources said.