Collectors put on alert for exigencies, death toll 16

The Odisha high court has directed the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to conduct a fresh study on pollution in the Brahmani river, the second largest river in Odisha after the Mahanadi, a l

Water from Hansua river will be used to take up construction work on its steel project

Battling stiff protests from farmers and different organizations, Posco India has finally obtained the nod of the Odisha government to draw water from Mahanadi and Hansua rivers for its mega steel project near Paradip.

For the Millennium city, which is located between two rivers Kathajodi and Mahanadi, rising pollution level in both rivers has been a major cause of concern. But this issue has failed to attract politicians.

Elections come and go but the deteriorating condition of both rivers, which are considered the lifelines of Cuttack, has never caught the attention of politicians, nor it has ever become a poll plank. This thousands of years old city depends on both rivers for its basic needs like drinking water and irrigating, but with direct discharge of untreated waste and industrial effluents, the condition of the rivers has turned critical.

The Musiri taluk unit of the Bharathiya Kisan Sangam has resolved to support the political party which promises to link all southern rivers and waive all crop loans until the project is executed.

Connecting Ken-Betwa To Be First Of 30 Projects Costing 5,60,000cr

New Delhi: After almost a decade of political objections and green opposition, the Cabinet is likely to clear on Thursday the ambitious project to inter-link rivers, beginning with the process of connecting the Ken and Betwa rivers in Madhya Pradesh.

When the hearing on dispensation of environmental clearance for POSCO project is going on in National Green Tribunal and stay order for cutting trees continues, the announcement of starting construction by the Ambassador of Korea and the Chief Minister is nothing but to dishonor the rule of law as well as against international human rights law.

The Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is going to start work on an ambitious water project that aims to provide 24-hour water supply to the city and adjoining areas.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Debi Pasad Mishra on Sunday informed that the long awaited integrated sewerage system for Sambalpur town will be executed this financial year.

The two major sources which are contributing to marine pollution are natural processes as well as anthropogenic activities. The natural process includes precipitation, erosion, weathering of crystal material whereas anthropogenic activities are urbanization, industrialization, mining and agricultural activities, etc. Mahanadi is the biggest river source of Odisha which joins the Bay of Bengal at Paradip. Paradip Township is an urbanized well-developed industrial township where various anthropogenic activities are contributing pollution to the water sources.