• Soyabean production in India can be doubled by the year 2002, according to Gian Singh, director of VMA Oilseeds Research and Development Institute (VORDI). The use of short-duration

A meteorite that hit the Earth could have thrown life forms across the globe

Changes in the weather patterns due to El Ni o have resulted in a flood of natural disasters across the globe. Agriculture is the worst hit

There is no preparedness in India against El Ni o, the Indian government does not even have an action plan

This summer's El Ni

El Ni o takes birth in the Pacific periodically to upset weather patterns globally

Life is thrown out of gear for wildlife as they face the wrath of El Ni o

The fires in the Amazon rain forests are greater than the ones in Indonesia

MNCs are looking for profits even in a disaster situation

In the 1920s, Sir Gilbert Walker made the seminal connection between barometer readings of air pressure at sea level at stations on the eastern and western sides of the Pacific Ocean (Tahiti and