AN OIL slick in the English Channel is threatening marine life along a 225 km stretch of the southeastern coast of England. "This is the first major incident of its kind that we have had since the

The future of the Galapagos islands is at stake as fisherfolk and conservationists fight for its resources

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The role of marine life in mitigating global warming takes a knocking as new findings link carbon on the ocean floor to forest fires


The Gulf waters are turning murkier day by day with illegal waste being dumped by ships in sea, mak ing it unfit for marine life. Wastes from large vessels, which sail through the Gulf or

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an unusual problem is plaguing the Norwegian rivers. Wild salmon returning to native habitats for spawning face an unexpected threat: salmon escapees that are either bred in fish farms or raised

Garbage floating in the oceans could pose a threat to marine life. One such site is a remote group of islands in the Indian ocean, 1,500 km southwest of Jakarta, Indonesia, where the population of

How do some species of bacteria and a species of algae manage to survive in the inhospitable salty waters of the Dead Sea? Researchers in Israel and USA have got an answer for at least one such

Antarctic krills, small shrimplike creatures, have adopted special mechanisms to avoid turbulence. According to Konard Welse, a zoo