The giant squid, a deep sea tentacled monster, may no longer be able to play hide and see with the scientific community. A team of biologists are planning to track it down to its nest and capture it .. on celluloid

Keeping the sharks off the swimmers along the Natal Coast in South Africa is the business of the Natal Shark Board (NSB). A combination of a museum and a research lab- oratory, the NSB, situated on

RIVER dolphins - often the targets of attack from fishermen who kill them for the oil in their fat - have finally come in for attention from the Asian River Dolphin Committee, the

Ancient plants may have been responsible for the disappearance of a number of sea animals which became extinct more than 360 million years ago, say University of Cincinnati (US) researchers


Tests conducted by us scientists on sea sponges collected from Fiji's waters have brought to light their potentially cancer fighting properties. But Fijian scientists are worried that the country's

THERE is something down under Down Under that has scientists of prehistory busy revising their notions of a lost past: off the coast of Tasmania has been found a colony of living coral and other

Slaughter goats to save the exotic Galapagos tortoises, says Julian Fitter, chairperson of the newly constituted Galapagos Conservation Trust. The cluster of islands in the Galapagos

A proposed oil plant threatens to maim and stunt Odessa's marine environment

Fishery experts say a global system of management is essential to prevent the extinction of the world's fish stocks, even as the number of fishing trawlers increase

ACCORDING to the department of ocean development there are 40 heavily polluted areas along the Indian coast. Marine pollution problems, though localised, occur off most metropolitan cities and