Pollutants released by world's industrialised nations end up in Inuit's food

the public hearing committee on environmental issues had to postpone its programme of collecting public opinion on the proposed barge-mounted power project at Tadari near Gokaran, Karnataka.

the fisheries minister of Kerala, T K Ramakrishnan, has blamed the Union government's deep-sea fishing policy for depletion of marine wealth. He said that the Centre had allowed for deep-sea

While whales must be conserved as a rare species, hunting the marine mammals is felt necessary for maintaining ecological balance

travancore Titanium Products ( ttp ) Ltd, long embroiled in a tussle with

A recent study conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature International on birds in the Midway Islands proves that pollution too makes the world a small place. In other words, contamination patterns in one area brings within its fold cases of se

Filipinos in the island of Palawan are fighting to prevent an environmental catastrophe in their seas caused by cyanide fishing - a technique where cyanide is squirted on fish to stun and bag them.

INDUSTRIAL pollution in Peru's Paracas reserve area is leaving beaches littered with thousands of fish rotting under clouds of flies. Under threat is the country's major national sanctuary --

A new theory on how life moved from sea to land

A rebel sponge prefers to be a carnivore instead of filtering its food from seawater