if sustained restoration plans are not put in place, the beautiful Kodaikanal lake will be dead soon. The artificial lake on a 26-hectare marshy land has been utterly neglected and is fast

African dust clouds cause red tides that kill millions of fish in the Gulf of Mexico

The waters of the Raja Ampat islands of Indonesia may be the most species-rich sea in the world, indicates a recent survey. An international team of marine biologists, who recently examined the

Marine life is a source for future medicines

japan's whaling fleets recently set out for the Pacific Ocean on its second hunt of this year. Their targets are bryde, sperm and minke whales. Japan has under

a global network of marine reserves should be established to halt the alarming decrease in fish stocks, say leading marine scientists. In a

two-thirds of the uk 's fish stocks are on the verge of extinction and most of the country's coastal habitats have been destroyed. This was stated in a report of the World Wide Fund for

The Pacific killer whale, orcas, could be one of the most contaminated marine mammals

Does India need to import exotic fish species, when the experience with them has not been particularly good? Besides, the country already boasts of a treasure trove of fish diversity

Pollutants are killing whales near Mexico