Change in the temperature of the sea affects wind patterns which affect weather globally

El Ni o, a weather phenomenon caused by a complex interaction between atmospheric and oceanic conditions has ushered in drought, forest fires and devastation this year

Southeast Asia seems to have a

Scientists in the US have developed a device that would help search toxic wastes at seabed

The government will invest us $100 million for the growth and diversification of marine life during the next four years. The decision has come at a time when conservationists had been

Rivers and estuaries in the US have been invaded by innumerable exotic marine creatures, including clams and crabs, that threaten native species. The invading species can multiply to the extent of

A massive oil spill in Japan spells danger for marine life in Tokyo Bay

THE effect of dams on surrounding ecosystems could be traced even to the seas which receive the waters of dammed rivers. According to researchers from the University of Hamburg and the Baltic

Ultraviolet rays penetrating through the protective ozone layer over Antarctica are damaging the DNA of higher animals. Scientists from the Northeastern University of Texas, US, found extensive

Brine shrimps have the ability to revive after years without oxygen