This third edition of the State of Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries provides a comprehensive overview of the status of fisheries in the region, looking at their main features and trends, in order to better inform their management and better examine current and future challenges that they will face in the near future.

Paris: Scientists presented rare evidence today linking climate change to a specific weather disaster: flooding that killed more than 170 people in Russia in 2012.

A Russian Black Sea city declared a state of emergency on Thursday after a burst pipeline spewed oil into the landlocked water body, with stormy weather hampering cleanup efforts.

Continental ice sheets are a key component of the Earth’s climate system, but their internal dynamics need to be further studied.

Exxon Mobil Corp and Rosneft signed an agreement to extract oil and gas from the Russian Arctic, in the most significant U.S.-Russian corporate deal since President Barack Obama began a push to imp

Marine litter is a global concern affecting all the oceans of the world. It poses environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problems that are rooted in poor solid waste management practices, lack of infrastructure, indiscriminate human activities and behaviours and an inadequate understanding on the part of the public of the potential consequences of their actions.

BP resumed exports of Azerbaijani natural gas through a pipeline across Georgia to Turkey yesterday. But the company's oil pipeline to the Georgian Black Sea port of Supsa remained out of action.

Both pipelines were closed by the British energy group on Tuesday amid concerns about security.

"BP began filling the South Caucasus pipeline again today because we believe it is now safe enough to do so," said Toby Odone, a BP spokesman.

The Ukrainian government has for the first time allowed a us energy player to explore and develop its potential oil deposits buried beneath the Black Sea. The government believes the reservoir

work on a new oil terminal on the Black Sea coast has led to renewed concerns over environmental safety in one of Russia's most beautiful regions. At a ceremony at Yuzhnaya Ozereika, near

Construction of a new oil terminal and a pipeline to Russia might affect the Black Sea ecology