Iran’s North Drilling Company says the country launched its first exploration robot in the Caspian Sea’s Sardar-e Jangal gas field last year to take offshore drilling operations to a depth of 800-1

Himachal Pradesh’s wildlife department has successfully tracked its radio-collared birds to Mongolia, the Caspian Sea, Bangladesh and Siberia, marking a major breakthrough in its pilot project to s

Marine litter is a global concern affecting all the oceans of the world. It poses environmental, economic, health and aesthetic problems that are rooted in poor solid waste management practices, lack of infrastructure, indiscriminate human activities and behaviours and an inadequate understanding on the part of the public of the potential consequences of their actions.

The world's largest gas company, Gazprom of Russia, and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) have signed an agreement for the development of Iran's oil and gas fields. This will give Gazprom access to the world's second-largest gas reserves.

NIOC and Gazprom will cooperate in developing Iran's oil and gas fields, the transfer of oil from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Oman, and the construction of a refinery in northern Iran.

"Based on the agreement, we will form working groups, and one month after the signing of the deal we will start the work,' said

Russia has suggested that Caspian nations impose a five-year ban on fishing for sturgeon, prized for caviar, to save the dwindling stocks from extinction. "We are ready to renounce sturgeon

Five years ago Russia's rapidly growing oil exports were seen as the cure for the US and Europe's addiction to Middle East oil, international oil companies' most exciting potential source of revenue and the only thing that could quench China's insatiable new thirst.

An environmental dispute brewing between Kazakhstan and a foreign oil consortium tapping the Karachaganak field might herald further moves by the central Asian country to gain influence over the crown

Five nations bordering the Caspian Sea have reached an agreement to safeguard the waterbody and also pave the way for an equitable sharing of its resources. The treaty, called the Framework

An agreement on the division of the Caspian Sea and its resources continues to elude the five Caspian littoral countries

...threatens the Caspian sea