Note for consideration by the Committee on allocation of natural resources (CANR).


This publication - The Bulletin of Mining Leases and Prospecting
Licences 2009 - contains information on mining leases, prospecting licences as well as reconnaissance permits as on 31.3.2009. Information contained in the Directory of Mining Leases after assortment and analysis with different parameters have been segregated into statewise, districtwise, mineralwise and

Mining of minor minerals, though individually, because of smaller size of mine leases is perceived to have lesser impact as compared to mining of major minerals. However, the activity as a whole is seen to have significant adverse impacts on environment.

The ad-hoc committee on mines has flayed the three departments

Minerals are a valuable natural resource being the vital raw material for infrastructure, capital goods and basic industries. As a major resource for development the extraction and management of minerals has to be integrated into the overall strategy of the country's economic development. The exploitation of minerals has to be guided by long-term national goals and perspectives.

This is the final report of Justice M B Shah Commission on illegal mining of iron ore and manganese in Goa. Says that lack of coordination within the Ministry of Environment and forests led to the illegalities and consequential ecological damage.