517 people have died of swine flu in Delhi

As the country, especially the southern parts, witnesses an outbreak of various vector-borne infections, the ministry of health and family welfare has created an online repository of campaign mater

According to official estimates, until July 9, 12,460 people had been infected, and 600 had succumbed to swine flu in the country.

The death toll in Maharashtra so far this year is higher than the number of deaths from H1N1 in the whole country in 2016 — 265

The minister said the man had earlier tested negative for fevers like dengue and malaria

‘Inadequate’ on parameters that reviewed policies and practices

Over 18,700 cases of dengue have been reported in the country this year, with the Union health ministry attributing early onset of monsoon as one of the factors for spurt in cases ahead of the vect

Delhi infant with the condition tests negative, the first case for which blood work up was done

The statement came almost a week after the WHO said that three Zika cases had been detected in Ahmedabad. Sources said the statement was issued after reports about “secrecy” around the issue.

The WHO award is given to governments or individuals who show exceptional zeal in tobacco control.