Coping with the nuisanceof urban monkeys may be beyond human patience. But shooting or declaring them pests will not serve the problem. Only a rational conservation programme can help save monkeys and keep our age old veneration for them inact

with the mercury already soaring high, there are unusual customers for desert cooler. To kill the heat, desert coolers fans and exhaust fans will be installed in cages housing monkeys and exotic

In east Africa the latest war casualties are gorillas

Dutch primatologist Marc Van Roosmalen of the national Amazon research institute has discovered four previously unknown types of monkey while combing the Amazon forests. One of the new monkeys

scientists working on the east African island of Zanzibar have observed that the red colobus monkey ( Procolobus Kirkii ) has added charcoal to its diet, apparently to help it overcome the

African bushmen stand the risk of contracting deadly viruses from bushmeat