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A study uncovers an unlikely possible perpetrator of global warming lightning

With the world perilously close to a global crisis in infectious diseases, the UN health body has chalked out a 20-point programme on how to prevent it. WHO has admitted that the promised slogan of

Disasters occur in cycles, suggests a recent study. A discovery by resear

A sleeping giant is about to come to life at the British colony of Montserrat in Eastern Caribbean. Eruptions and emissions of ash from a volcano dormant for centuries have sent almost 1,000 people

FINANCIAL planners in insurance companies across the world hold their breath as the world leaders squabble over new cuts in greenhouse gas emissions at the Berlin Climate Convention Summit. The

Sleeves and cuffs made of a new biodegradable material can help mend damaged blood vessels

There are many organisations in India that work towards mitigating the effects of natural disasters

For centuries, the Dutch have been trying to keep their heads over water by barricading out the sea and the rivers. But there comes a point when the environment has to be considered when reclaiming land and strengthening dykes

PHOTOGRAPHS of the recent devastating tornado that swept away five villages near Kandi in West Bengal's Murshidabad district show some high walls still standing amidst surrounding debris -- mute

Goutam Ghose's Padma Nadir Majhi depicts how poor fisherfolk, already vulnerable to nature's whims, are exploited by fellow humans.