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Participants failed to come up with workable solutions at a recent international conference on fluorosis

Greenhouse gas emissions could raise global temperatures much more than previously forecast leading to drought and flooding as weather patterns shift and polar ice melts

Defying international wildlife treaties, the Malawi government recently ordered officials and commercial hunters to begin the killing of Nile crocodiles. "The government has taken such a decision

About 830 million people around the world have not got sufficient food to eat because of natural disasters, armed conflicts and poverty, says the United Nations World Food Programme. "From generation

The funny walk is a penguin s way to deal with short legs

This is an important study by the National Institute of Hydrology published in 2001 that examines cyclonic phenomenon in the country in general and Orissa in particular, and stresses the need for preparing a comprehensive plan for dealing with such disasters. It is based on investigations and research on the super cyclone in Orissa in October 1999.

Several countries in central and western Asia, from Kazakhastan to Saudi Arabia, will witness a rise of more than 5

global warming will have serious repercussions on the world economy. The damage from climate-induced natural disasters could rise so steeply that will will become difficult for insurance

Annual flood damages to rise in the future in USA

Pakistan's Sindh province government has allowed hunting of more species this year. It has issued new rules to regulate hunting during the forthcoming season. Last year's ban on hunting of several