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Post Tsunami Sri Lanka traverses the snag infested path to disaster management

Government wakes up to the need for disaster management

Building code made stronger

Women of Latur exemplify how people alone can put an end to their misery

A disaster the world prefers to forget

With the southeastern parts of Bangladesh experiencing a number of mild to moderate tremors since July 27, it is feared that a major earthquake is set to rock the region in the near future

Natural disasters wreaking widespread havoc

The 2001 Bhuj earthquake was something of a watershed in Indian disaster preparedness. Several state governments, most so in the Northeast, and various central ministries were shocked into a comprehension of the dangers. However, national capital New Delh

The Indian plate is underthrusting the Eurasian plate by 4 to 5 centimetres a year. But our scientists move even slower. Are they waiting for the Big One to come, again without warning?

During the past decade, natural hazards have wrought havoc like never before. As many as 4,777 natural disasters have claimed more than 880,000 lives, affected the homes, health and livelihoods of