North Korea agrees to allow inspection of its nuclear sites, defusing a potentially explosive situation

The United States has finally conceded India's right to reprocess spent fuel from the Tarapore Atomic Power Station (TAPS). An indication to this effect came recently when the International Atomic

Switzerland's request to transfer radioactive fuel for reprocessing has prompted protests and tries US policy on nuclear proliferation.

The US government's paranoia over nuclear proliferation has led it to ban the transfer of its fertiliser plant technology to India, according to reports published in the beginning of September. The

Ukraine wants special status if it is to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty and this may be a solution to the problem of who owns the nuclear arsenal positioned in the country when it was part of the erstwhile Soviet Union

In the face of severe congressional opposition, the Clinton administration has extended its ban on testing nuclear weapons

The United States and International Atomic Energy Agency have been accused of turning a blind eye to South Africa's nuclear programme.

The US President has moved deftly to avoid irritating either US congresspersons or the British government on the issue of the controversial nuclear plant in Sellafield.

Marking a significant shift, India for the first time voted today in favour of a proposal at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board to create a fuel bank that has an eligibility condition so far associated only with signatories of the Non-Proliferation Treaty