Nuclear hardsell s most potent weapon

Nuclear power wants to pose as peace, sustainability. But to the world, it has always meant the bomb and danger. What are governments doing to sell nuclear power to their people? From Moscow and Obninsk in Russia, RICHARD MAHAPATRA reports on a hardsell

India s nuclear establishment has been asked to account for radiation related health hazards

THE making of the Indian Atomic Bomb puts forth a strange argument: that India did not make its nuclear bombs for reasons of security but for

the International Court of Justice in The Hague has delivered its profoundest judgement yet: nuclear arms should not be used in war. However, it was unable to make up its mind on whether the

The arguments and counter-arguments were well in place. What went abegging was a joint consensusamong the 38 nations participating in the IO-week United Nations-sponsaredsession of the Conference

EXACTLY after a decade, the Nobel Peace Prize has found a recepienty campaigning directly against atomic weapons. In1985,it had been awarded to the International Physicians for the Prevention of

AUSTRALIAN premier Paul Keating called it .an act of stupidity," and the rest of the world exploded in anger - but Paris remained undeterred. In the wee hours of Septembei 6, the French did what

EVEN as the Greenpeace docks its 20- boat strong protest flotilla at the 'Mururoa and the Fangataufa atolls - the sites for the series of nuclear weapon tests that France proposes to conduct

CHINA has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the violent protestations raised in the rest of the world and gone ahead with yet another nuclear test on August 17. Earlier, Chinese authorities