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Various facets of energy security would continue to engage the policy makers and other stake holders as energy continues to drive economies, policies and even geo-strategy. The country has come a long way since the Tarapore Nuclear Plant began commercial operation way back in 1969. The progress has been

Anyone following the statements expressed from time to time about the renaissance of nuclear energy could get the impression that the number of new nuclear plants was increasing at an immense and steady rate. In fact, more recent statistics show 60 plants in the process of being built, the majority in China and others in Russia, India, South Korea and Japan.

NEW DELHI: India and UK will finally sign the civil nuclear agreement in New Delhi on Thursday. The nuclear agreement, which follows similar agreements with France, Russia and others, will be signed between Atomic Energy Commission chairman S Bannerjee and British High Commissioner Richard Stagg at South Block, sources said.

Despite the chill in bilateral ties, India and Pakistan continued with the tradition of exchanging lists of nuclear installations on the New Year day.

India and Russia signed key agreements on the civilian use of nuclear power and military and technical cooperation here on Monday, marking a strong consolidation of traditional ties between the two countries.

Russia put its weight behind India

In an effort to quell murmurs that progress of nuclear power generation has occurred at a snail

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India and the European Union (EU) today signed a major accord for cooperation in the civil atomic energy field and pledged to conclude an ambitious free trade agreement (FTA) between them within a year.