The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal against the Gujarat high court order allowing Reliance Petroleum Limited ( rpl ) to lay pipelines for its Motikhavdi project through a marine national

two major Russian oil firms have planned to join hands. According to Russian officials, the merger would create a new force to be reckoned with on the domestic and global energy. Yukos, Russia's

This tiny Asian nation, still struggling to gain a secure economic foothold, is pressing ahead with its first oil refinery which has already become a centre of controversy. Work on the us $1.2


Mobil, the oil company, may be putting at risk the lives of hundreds of Amazonian tribespeople with the massive search for oil it is about to launch in Peru's southern rainforests. The company

The oil boom in the Gulf has taken a toll of the wheat farms of Saudi Arabia. Large tracts of rich, arable land are slowly drying up in the Saudi Arabian desert as the once lucrative

Centrifugal oil cleaners, develOP4 by Britain's Glacier Filter Prodaft company, would soon oust tzvd9W tional paper oil filters in cam HE% production vehicles introduction them from

Apart from massively polluting the air, 4-wheelers present another environmental problem -- the annual disposal of billions of litres of engine oil that need to be replaced every 4,800 km for cars

Clashes between the Ogoni tribals and the police over the laying of an oil pipeline have made ecological degradation a key issue in Nigeria's presidential polls.

UNDER pressure from influential figures in the US congress, the Clinton administration has exempted ethanol and methanol from the proposed energy tax. The tax is to be levied at 25.7 cents per

Even as the Clinton administration seeks to phase in a tax on gas, oil, coal and nuclear energy, oil companies complain the levy will damage economic recovery and endanger jobs.