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The state government has started exploring assistance from the World Bank and the Centre to make Berhampur town slum free after 158 of the total 262 slums in southern Odisha town were devastated du

The Phailin wound barely healed, Ganjam district on Thursday was threatened by yet another natural calamity, that of flood.

Almost all rivers were in spate, triggered by four days of unprecedented rain, forcing the government to evacuate people to safer places.
"Over one lakh people were marooned as floodwaters from Rushikulya, Badanadi, Ghodahada and Bahuda rivers entered many villages. By evening, nearly 10,000 people had been evacuated. The communication network has been badly disrupted.

Chilika, Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon, has borne the brunt of Phailin with its shoreline plantation shattered by strong gale and tidal surge.

Although a proper survey is yet to be conducted by the Forest Department to assess the loss, eye estimate reports said devastation of Chilika’s beautiful shoreline plantation was visible. More than 70 per cent of the forest situated on the edge of the water has been either uprooted or buried under thick sand cover.

To take up relief and restoration works in the affected areas of Odisha.

Chief minister Naveen Patnaik has sought an advance of Rs 1,000 crore from the government of India to take up relief and restoration works in the affected areas of Odisha.

पूर्वाचल में रविवार से हो रही बारिश ने जमकर कहर बरपाया। वाराणसी और आसपास के जिलों में बड़ी संख्या में पेड़, मकान, बिजली के खंभे आदि धराशाई हो गए। गोरखपुर-बस्ती मंडल के जिलों का यही हाल रहा। देवरिया औ

Loss of Odisha Sands Complex is estimated at about Rs 100-crore

While cyclone Phailin has passed off without causing too many casualties, major industries in south Odisha’s Ganjam district, the worst-hit by the storm, took a hard knock.

The United Nations on Tuesday appreciated the state government's preparedness in dealing with the 'very very severe' cyclone Phailin, saying it would highlight the efforts as a successful case stud

Over 100 kilometres from the coast, the villages in interior Ganjam district
thought they would escape Cyclone Phailin. But the high speed winds and heavy rainfall destroyed their houses.

“We never thought the cyclone would affect us. In 1999 too, we did not face any problems. For the first time, I saw such high speed winds. The torrential rain made it worse,” said Khadala Nayak, naib sarpanch of Inginati village in Belaguntha block. At least four other villages in the block have been affected.

The editorial said the Indian state of Odisha efficiently evacuated hundreds of thousands of people to safe places before the cyclone made landfall

India has learnt its lesson and improved its disaster management capabilities unlike Pakistan, where the situation has seen little improvement, a leading Pakistani daily has said in an editorial.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar takes stock of the preparedness

Cyclone Phailin made its impact on Bihar, with continual rainfall and strong winds lashing it for the second consecutive day on Monday. The next 48 hours are believed to be crucial as heavy rains in neighbouring Nepal could cause flooding in the northern parts of the State.