In a bid to halt the crippling disease in its tracks, American researchers have recently experimented with gene therapy as a cure for arthritis

A flicker of brain signals received by a 'mind switch' and 10, disabled people can do a lot of handy work!

A device to aid walking, comprising eight wheels for maximum stability, built-in automatic brakes for security and a seat for resting, has been .developed by the Kingswood Supply Company of UK:

Capable of reducing bone destruction and pain, steroids lend a strong hand to arthritis patients

Moulded plastic handles enable the farmers of the Tahirpur leprosy colony in Delhi to harvest high yields

NGOs in India have joined hands to oppose the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) Act, 1992, which, they allege, will further handicap the care of India's 90 million physically challenged.

Organisations strive to show that the world of a spastic child is no different than the one we all live in

Handicapped children are being helped to overcome their disabilities through special programmes and innovative schemes such as art.

A new, non toxic variety of kesari dal is being field tested in different parts of the country by IARI scientists.