The ongoing medicinal plants patent controversy has another entrant: ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), a plant that is widely recognised for its medicinal worth and commonly found in India. A study

Fluoride contaminated cripples many in villages near Lahore

Unconventional, alternative therapies are now being put to test in USA

Backache is the second major cause of employee absenteeism after common cold. Now, Susanna Annunen and her team from the University of Oulu in Finland report that inter-vertebral disk disease, also

Bone deformities are common in people from the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh

Ultrasound therapy can quicken the healing of lingering fractures

In Jaduguda and Rawatbhata, physical deformities are a way of life. The reality behind the shadows of India s nuclear establishment

the Japanese government is considering revising its guidelines on gene therapy. The present rules, which were introduced in 1994, limits researchers to its use only for treatment of

Researchers find ways to coax the paralysed to walk

Students at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, USA, have devised a more efficient trike, a human-powered vehicle somewhat like a bicycle but with three or four wheels, for