Used phony journals to push Vioxx pharma giant Merck has been accused of using unscrupulous methods, including publication of fake journals, to promote its anti-arthritis drug Vioxx. The evidence against Merck was presented before an Australian court in May after it began hearing a four-year-old lawsuit. Merck paid a well-known academic publisher, Elsevier, to compile favourable

Lifestyle diseases

Traffic pollution is known to cause chronic bronchitis and asthma, killing thousands every year. But that is not all. Simply living beside a busy road has its consequences. Particles in vehicular exhaust can stick to lungs for longer than was known, endanger the health of an unborn child, lead to joint pains and even trigger male infertility Stickier than glue Smoke from a chulha or

Chandigarh: With an aim to expand the benefits of the mid-day meal scheme, the Education department has decided to include madrasas, as well as a school for the physically and mentally challenged in the scheme.

The plan has already been tabled before the Administration.

ANIMAL MAGNETISM: Bats use a magnetic substance in their body called magnetite as an ‘internal compass’ to help them navigate. The researchers monitored movements in bats by using radio

In 2005, road traffic injuries resulted in the death of an estimated 110 000 persons, 2.5 million hospitalizations, 8-9 million minor injuries and economic losses to the tune of 3% of the gross domestic product (GDP) in India.

there is renewed interest in gold salts curing rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disease of joints and other tissues. Using them to treat arthritis has been a matter of longstanding

Over three decades, the Jaipur Foot has benefited more than 300,000 people, reached 22 countries and is set to undergo a transformation. vibha varshney travels to Jaipur to measure the progress

Alang's woes On March 12, 2007, the Supreme Court adjourned the hearing of a case against the Norwegian asbestos-laden ship Blue Lady for another six weeks. On March 8, an intervening petition

the latest buzz: Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered the oldest bee ever known, a 100-million-year-old specimen preserved in almost lifelike form in amber, and an important link