Cancer, HIV medicines may get extended shelf life chemical engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may have the answer to a problem drug companies have been trying to solve

An early warning system in the making to prevent diabetes with over 45 million diabetics in the country, India is called the diabetes capital of the world. Doctors advise eating healthy and exercising for an hour daily to keep obesity at bay

Scientists make a sexually reproducing plant go asexual asexual reproduction does have certain advantages over sexual reproduction when it comes to plants. It is faster, easier and requires less energy. Production is higher too. Seeds produced asexually are clones of the mother plant and have exactly the same traits. This takes away the need for constant cross-breeding needed to retain

Not just an eclipse, it provides clues to the presence of life a lunar eclipse is considered very special astrologically. It is revered as a propellor of life-changing events. Now scientists revere it too

Test your memory, detect the presence of Alzheimer

The ninth species of the tomato leaf curl virus in India is found supriya chakraborty was used to tomato farmers in Varanasi complaining about their dwarfed plants that would produce no fruits. The agriculture scientist saw many farmers shift to other crops. First the leaves would turn yellow, curl up and then the plants would stop growing

To the 2-drug team to combat the virus deadlier than HIV THE Hepatitis C virus has infected over 170 million people worldwide which is four times the number of hiv infected people. India, alone, has three million cases. The existing treatment is a combination of two drugs: interferon and ribavirin, which together prevent the virus from replicating. But the success rate of the

Insects like green. Tree leaves know. They change colour according to a Native American myth, four hunters killed the Great Bear in heaven. It was autumn then. The bear

Lifestyle diseases

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