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A common market linking Mexico, the United States and Canada could very well result in US firms heading north or south to escape strict pollution control standards

ERSTWHILE communist Germany finds to its concern that it really is greener on the other side. Germany's ever-strict pollution control measures have given rise to severe problems for the five states

SOUND waves can be used to measure factory emissions, say scientists at the Open University in UK. Pollution monitoring systems using light waves are often inadequate and direct sampling of air

Clarizyme is a new biodegradedable enzyme produced by the Central Leather Research Institute in Madras as a replacement for substances used in tanneries

EGYPTIAN scientists Y I Hanna and M M Kandil of the National Institute for Standards in Cairo have designed and tested a double-layered curtain using local textiles which absorbs sound and light to

"ECONOMICS is the science of studying people's behaviour in their ordinary day-to-day life." That is how undergraduate textbooks define the subject. The book under review, however, talks about an

MANUFACTURERS of hydraulic hammers are being forced to make them quieter, largely following environmental legislation which originated in Germany a decade ago and is rapidly spreading.'Most of them