Environmental pollution is arising from the mining industry in the Western World and from the developing nations is a serious issue in current days. Cross-cultural perception studies are needed to understand similarities and differences, if any, in human response to environmental problems between developed and developing countries. Increasing environmental problems in the mining zones of India is one of the burning issues from last two decades. The Damodar Valley coalfields mainly in Raniganj, share a relatively serious environmental problems.

For the first time in the country the Government has put three coal blocks for auction.

Mining causes massive damage to landscape and biological communities. Following the mining, the habitats become impoverished presenting a very rigorous condition for plants growth. The present investigation were conducted in selected sites of Raniganj Coal Field area to assess the status of the soil quality of different mine types (OCP, pit, inclined).

Both Mukesh’s RIL and Anil’s Reliance Power are in talks to develop Sohagpur CBM block.

DURGAPUR, 13 JULY: Production at two Eastern Coalfields mines (see SNS photo) has come to a halt for the past five days after water from a river gushed inside the mine pits of the sick coal major in the Satgram area in Raniganj.

Though the ECL has initiated extensive pumping to recover the waterlogged mine, it has not yielded any result as water continues to enter the pits.



Jharkhand orders 4,500 Jharia families shift to Bhuli township THE master plan for rehabilitating people living amid coalmine fires in Jharkhand

THE master plan for rehabilitating people living amid coalmine fires in Jharkhand

Subsidence can occur at any time over old mine workings, regardless how long it has been deserted due to the existence of voids and weak supporting pillars. Subsidence in old workings leads to severe damage to surface structures.