Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Lama Sushil Dewa Vs State of Himachal Pradesh dated 29/06/2020 regarding pollution of Riwalsar lake in district Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

The existence of the Rewalsar Lake is at stake due to the increasing pollution level. The lake has turned muddy. Locals are concerned about its conservation, which has religious importance.

Thousands of fishes were found dead in Rewalsar Lake on Tuesday night, raising serious concern among the inhabitants living in the area.

To restore the glory of the Rewalsar Lake in Mandi, the National Green Tribunal has imposed a ban on the use of plastics in and around the water body.

Heavy metal pollution is one of the major problems of lakes and wetlands all over world. It is responsible for causing serious threats to flora and fauna especially humans. Kunthbyog is natural freshwater, mid altitude lake situated at Rewalsar town, Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, India 1750 meter above mean sea level. Study was conducted in (2011-2012) to find out heavy metal contaminations and their seasonal variations in lake, if any. Water samples were analyzed for water quality appraisal of lake by inductively coupled plasma emission spectrophotometer (ICP-ES).

More than 700 fish have died in the past three days at Rewalsar Lake situated in the Rewalsar town of Mandi district.

Sundernagar : As may as 200 fish were found dead this morning at Rewalsar lake. For the past 16 years such kind of incidents were detected at the lake, which is of religious importance.

Sewerage from private septic tanks and silt from three nallahs along with pilgrims overfeeding the fish are slowly spelling death not only for the