Meerut is worst affected with around 200 cases reported so far, followed by Lucknow with 173 cases and Ghaziabad with 128 cases.

a mystery fever has hit Saharanpur and its neighbouring districts in western Uttar Pradesh. By October 15, the disease had afflicted 52 children, of whom 29 succumbed. Over the past two decades,

for the last 20 years, a mystery fever has baffled physicians in western Uttar Pradesh. Several theories have tried to identify the fever, but there has been more confusion than clarity (see box

Inept response as mystery fever grips Uttar Pradesh

Decline in supplies has badly affected many traditional crafts. Woodcarving in Saharanpur is one of them. Despite a revitalised export market, the craft that had begun as a sustainable proffession is dying a slow death

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